FAQs Lenders

Q: Can I lend through FairLending.in?

A: You can lend / invest through FairLending.in if you:

  • You’re a tax paying Indian resident with identity proof, PAN card and address proof
  • If an individual, you must be at least 21 years old

Q: How can I lend?

A: To get started, the lender needs to Sign Up and upload the required documents after that you are ready to lend to borrowers.

Q: What are the registration fees and charges of FairLending.in?

A: FairLending.in does not charge any registration fee. We levy a nominal processing fees plus GST for the amount of funds invested by the lender.

Q: How much can I Invest and for how long?

A: You can start investing from INR 50,000 for a tenure ranging from 6 to 36 months.

Q: Can I invest in a single loan through FairLending.in?

A: : We take care of your money by ensuring that your investment is split across multiple loans. You need to have minimum of 3 loans in your investment portfolio. Higher the number of loans in a portfolio, lower the credit risk.

Q: Does FairLending.in guarantee any rate of return or return of investment?

A: FairLending.in is a digital Peer to Peer Platform to connect investors and borrowers. We do not guarantee any rate of return or return of investment amount. We provide historic performance of portfolio and information for you to understand the risk and all returns are purely based on your investment decisions.

Q: Can I get my investment back at anytime?

A: Investments are repaid on monthly EMIs and investors cannot ask for prepayment from any borrower.

Q: Is my interest income through Fairlending.in taxable?

A: All interest amounts earned through the investments at Fairlending.in are subject to income tax as per the government regulations. Paying the applicable tax on income earned is your responsibility and FairLending.in is not liable for any default on the same.

Q: How can I monitor the returns and performance of my investments?

A: We provide you detailed information of loans and portfolio performance in your dashbord. And also our Portfolio Managers will help you, guide you to achieve maximum output/returns on your investments.